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Barrio Liandres, s/n
39527, Ruiloba, Cantabria
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Tuesday to Saturday: Lunches & dinners.
Sunday: Lunches (August also dinners).
(Closed on Mondays)


To join our project and our team of professionals, please fill in the contact form and send us your CV to include your application in future selection processes. At Restaurante El Remedio, we are looking for enthusiastic and professional staff to work in a dynamic and innovative environment.


Samuel Fernández Pérez (chef and owner)

He studied cooking in Asturias and began to work with great Asturian chefs and pastry chefs such as Pedro Martino and Miguel Sierra. Curiosity led him to the Basque Country, where he trained with Martín Berasategui at the restaurant of the same name. Joseba Lezama (Martín’s head chef) encouraged him to go to Italy to the “Uliassi” restaurant in Senigallia where Samuel had his first contact with Italian cuisine. From there, he went to Adriano Baldasarre’s restaurant “Il Tordo Matto”, where he took the reins of the kitchen along with the Chef from Lazio. After this first stage in Italy, he worked for the first time in his native Cantabria with Jesús Sánchez in the “Cenador de Amós”. After this period, Samuel was offered the opportunity to run the kitchen of the “Circeo Park Hotel” and the “La Stiva” restaurant in San Felice Circeo, an opportunity he did not refuse. He then had the good fortune to work at the restaurant “Il Pagliaccio” in Rome under the orders of Anthony Genovese. He finished his time in the capital working in “Inopia Roma”. In July 2011, Samuel opened Restaurante El Remedio with his partner Caterina Santucci. Samuel defines his cuisine as healthy, based on the product and deep respect for it, using the techniques acquired from his teachers, who for him are the best, whose aim is the pursuit of distinct and intense flavours.


Ruben Feijóo runs the restaurant’s dining room and manages the wine cellar and drawing up the wine list thanks to his oenological knowledge. At his side, he has Tolín, Ana, Manu, Alberto and grandfather, who have been part of our team for several years, and for whom El Remedio is their home.
Luis Fernández impeccably directs the kitchen, supported by Rodri and Ñaco, who provide experience and know-how in traditional dishes. The latest additions to the kitchen are Carlos Bengoechea, a great connoisseur of fish, and Mario González, a young chef from Ruiloba. Samuel’s parents, Benjamin and Cristina, are another vital part of the team. Together with many friends who always help us, such as Manolo, Hugo, Julio and Misterio, not to mention our great friend, the master pastry chef Vicente Peña, who shares his knowledge of the sweet world with us. And finally Bruno, in charge of administration and accounting.